About us

A network of professionals serving retail businesses

UPM’s (Unione Pubblicitari Modenesi, established in 1940) history follows a path of continuous evolution in the visual communication and retail sectors. More than eighty years of growth and expansion as an industry leader has pushed us to look to the future by thinking big, facing new professional challenges every day.
With the multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes our work, we can come up with communication solutions that offer the end customers an emotional, memorable and entirely unique brand experience.

The UPM Group has now set itself among the top players in the retail sector as a unique partner for the realisation of any communication product, from the furnishing of spaces to visual solutions in stores, from advertising strategies to the organisation of events for brands.

The mission that brings us together every day

UPM’s mission is to provide communication solutions that allow the end customer to have the best brand experience possible.

The goal of every creative idea, project, visual communication instrument, furnishing and event of ours is to best represent our customer’s brand identity through a mixture of expertise and professionalism.

Organisation, experience, quality of the materials

The quality of UPM projects is the result of manufacturing experience, which combines an industrial type production capacity, an attention to details and typical hand-crafted materials. From woodworking to steel structural work to large format digital printing, our technicians only use state-of-the-art materials to ensure absolute quality of the products and reliability over time.

The companies in the group

UPM Modena SpA

UPM Modena S.p.A., the parent company: always a worldwide leader in visual communications and the realisation of “turnkey” shops, it has added a series of services to its market offering over the years that have allowed it to continually expand its range of action


TNC, company located in Brussels that designs and builds signs and display systems for the European market

Avia Pervia Studio srl

Avia Pervia Studio S.r.l., an integrated design studio that focuses on engineering, town planning, architecture, interior and outdoor design


Stefra, the maker of hand-crafted customised furniture specialised in designing spaces, concept stores and interior design items for commercial venues and particularly for the HORECA sector