Facility Management

Ordinary, extraordinary maintenance and assistance just a click away.

The Facility Management department is an integral part of the General Contractor function and has been structured to provide a service to businesses that need to manage their infrastructure in a coordinated and efficient way, through maintenance activity planning strategies that interfere with the commercial activities as little as possible.

The primary objectives are: the safety of the occupants and their comfort in terms of temperature, humidity and lighting, strategic aspects aimed at improving the consumer’s experience at the store.

operational areas

operational areas


Air conditioning, water sanitation systems




Special Systems (Fire Detection)


Fire prevention equipment


Other ancillary activities: drains, shutters, furnishings, building repairs…

maintenance works

the professionalism that come true

ordinary maintenance

Specialized teams intervene with pre-established timing, defined in consideration of the provisions of law, to decrease the probability of occurrence of extraordinary or serious failures, carrying out replacement operations aimed at minimizing the costs of intervention (eg: lights, filters, air conditioning, belts, smoke detection sensors) and setting the machines to guarantee the greatest possible energy saving (eg: check of the time schedule, pump and fan curves, climatic curves, setting points). UPM guarantees quality and economy by having stipulated framework agreements with the main consumables brands.

extra-ordinary maintenance

Ordinary maintenance tends to minimize the occurrence of faults, but over time, wear and unforeseen events can cause interruptions in operation or random faults.
In order to restore the comfort of the commercial structure as soon as possible, our average intervention times throughout Italy are less than 24 hours.
We employ highly qualified personnel, guaranteeing a service of availability thanks to the management on an online portal.

ticket circuit

Our assistance service just a click away

On www.upm-italy.com you can access our Ticket Circuit, an online portal developed to activate the extraordinary maintenance procedures of systems, equipment and infrastructure in real time.

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