Every space has its own identity

The outfitting of a commercial space in a business cannot be limited to just the strategic positioning of the more functional furnishing elements used by the customers, but above all it must also have the objective of best communicating the identity of a brand, shop or company.

The UPM Group can promptly satisfy this dual need: thanks to its collaboration with the woodworking company Stefra and the Group’s in-house carpenter’s workshop we can design and build high quality, innovative furnishing solutions in line with current interior design trends and using the widest range of materials.

Design and craftsmanship, the perfect union for furnishing projects that can make any space unique.

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Tailor-made designer furniture

Our team of architects, building surveyors and specialised professionals offer customers the ability to create any type of designer furniture, for both the commercial and private sector. We are specialised in designing interior furnishings and in the production of hand-crafted personalised furniture, tailor-made each time. The attention to detail and maximum care in the particulars, raw materials and finishes ensure a high quality finished product.