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In the commerce industry, everything starts with a sign.
Avertising signs are a fundamental tool of communication for any company and a well-made sign should be in total harmony with the trade name it represents as well as the location where it is displayed.
UPM Group is the ideal partner to design and create advertising signs: our team of professionals accompanies the client in choosing the best technical solution, proposing custom-made projects tailored to the brand and its needs. Numerous types of signs have developed over the course of the years: both with traditional materials and technology, or more evolved and avant-garde, or made by mixing past and future.


The most widespread signs are, without a shadow of doubt, “illuminated box signs”. Their success is due to their simplicity and compactness and also because they are easy to personalize and in the fact that they do not require lengthy maintenance.

There are sustainable box signs with AIFIL energy certification, photovoltaic signs, flat, shaped or composite box signs, with translucent or perforated and filled opaline front, combined with carved letters or with a front in translucent stretched fabric.

In a nutshell, the variety of materials that can be used allows for numerous combinations so as to produce a product that is cheap but exclusive. Furthermore, with the aid of digital printing, it is possible to reproduce complicated designs and decorations so as to embellish the front with bright and luminous colours.


In a box-lettering sign, all the letters and elements that make up your logo have produced with individual and independent pieces.
This means that they can be illuminated internally with indirect light: in such cases, every element is equipped with its own internal lighting system or left without being illuminated.
There are numerous materials that can be used for box-lettering signs and vary according to the type of visual effect you want to achieve, the installation position and the size of sign to be used.
The lighting systems are among the most evolved and modern, with the use of low-consumption but powerful led lights.


Even a simple decorated panel can become a highly-effective sign. This visual effectiveness is determined by the choice of panel material and the accuracy of the decoration.
By combining materials, colours and panel textures it is possible to produce original and exclusive panel signs that are also cheap and easy to install.
Such signs are illuminated by light sources (for example, spotlights) positioned at the top and base of the panel.


Totem signs, both luminous and non-luminous, are signs that are attached to self-supporting structures produced with metal profiles, poles, pylons and fixed to the ground in various ways to ensure their stability.
There are various reasons why it is preferable to install a totem rather than a traditional sign. The most common reasons are that it is impossible to use the side, or roof, of a building in order to install another type of sign or perhaps the need to produce a supplementary ground level sign that is at eyelevel. This type of sign is, also, extremely versatile and can be personalized thanks to the wide range of material and decorative solutions that can be adopted.


Flat letters are the ideal solution when producing large-dimension signs. To produce a luminous version, the engraved letters are illuminated by small spotlights positioned at the top and base of the panel or surface area where the letters are fixed.
The fact that there isn’t an internal illumination system means that there is greater choice in the shape of the sign, in the use of the materials that make up the letters, in the choice of colours and in the layout of the logos and lettering.

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