Sustainability and values

Our pledge is to be sustainable

We are deeply convinced that the world of retail must now take an ethically sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. We strongly believe in a Circular Economy and work every day to do our part, by recycling, reusing and converting materials and transforming them into new products and new communication solutions. We have always invested in technologies and machinery that minimise the environmental impact of our activities, an approach and philosophy that is in line with the road to ISO 14001 certification that we have taken.

Three actions for a sustainable approach


We recover and reuse physical supports, such as signs and other communication tools for large rebranding projects, for example


We reuse raw materials that have high application potential, like aluminium, for new projects by taking advantage of the versatility of our manufacturing processes

Energy savings

We promote the use of low energy consumption instruments (certified with an energy label) and signs that use the energy produced by photovoltaic systems

With the AIFIL project we can offer our customers an alternative with “green stamp”, which is an easily identifiable energy saving certification. This is a solid choice in the direction of energy savings to help protect the environment.

Less consumption, more certified quality. Change the impact of illuminated signs

Our guiding values

The people who work with us and the surrounding environment have always been at the centre of UPM’s business. By adopting the Italian legislative decree 231/2001 organisational model, UPM has established a Code of Ethics and an independent Supervisory Board which ensures that the company’s principles and values are being respected.


We perform our work with the utmost skill, responsibility and expertise.


We perform our work with the utmost skill, responsibility and expertise.


We work in teams that know how to take advantage of the qualities of each team member, to create something greater than the sum of the individual abilities.


We put our heart and soul into all our work, because we believe in what we are doing.


We take care of the environment and the people around us.